Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Glorious Month of April

There are so many momentous things that mark the month of April around here..  our anniversary and both of our birthdays for starters..Easter, spring arrives and most of all...GARDENING begins in earnest....

Our snowball bush has been spectacular this year.  It is way too big and is way past time for pruning.  But I thought I would just let it go one more year and see what it does.    It is fabulous... I had to start the pruning this morning because it is overshadowing a Deodar cedar and making it grow lopsided so..out came the loppers for a few branches.  It will get a major pruning as soon as it finishes blooming..

 I think these make perfect wedding flowers..white and billowy so I used them in setting an anniversary tablescape..

We celebrated 20 years on April 1...a huge milestone for us.

And now...the BIG spring project.  A new raised bed garden.  I have asked to expand my garden for several years and this just happened to be the year that everything worked out.
 Here they are as a work in progress.  This was a couple of weeks ago.  Now they have been filled with compost and are just waiting for me to fill them with all good things.  I am beyond excited at the possibilities.

I hope you are having a good spring.  and getting outside to enjoy this warm southern weather.  Such a lovely season we are experiencing.

Love, Mona


  1. Your spring is going springingly; mine is going winterly. Perhaps I need to change the name of my home to Winterpast. I do love that name! You are going to have a super busy summer and eat very well and healthfully. 🥗

  2. WOW, what a great veggie garden. I am getting to old to tend to a garden now. But I do love my flowers.

    Your snowball bush is stunning. I am sure that it makes a beautiful arrangement.

    Have a great week.

    Hugs and Happy Anniversary.


  3. Your snowball bush is stunning...I think I need one!
    Happy 20th anniversary, wishing you many, many more.

  4. Your snowball is gorgeous. I am envious.

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  6. Beautiful snowball...
    thanks so much for coming by my place. thank you