Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friday Flowers #3

Well,'s a day late...LOL


Dahlias love the heat..I have never seen as many dahlias in my life as I am seeing all over the internet.  They must be a fad that has really caught on.  I have been growing them for a few years and plan to continue.. They are gorgeous flowers and pretty easy.  I still have not figured out how to make them last as cut flowers..some say put in very hot water..check
some say flower food in water...check..
I see flower farmers picking buckets of them in the field..they can't really have hot water..LOL  so I stopped that and they seem to be doing a little better..

Nevertheless, I continue to learn...I have a book on hold at my library about dahias.. It's good that I like a challenge...

Dahlias are most welcome in my garden because there is rarely anything that is looking as beautiful as they do during this time of year..the heat, oh, the HEAT!!!

Have a Happy and safe Labor Day!


Giving credit where credit is due.......these pictures were taken in the dahlia garden at the Dillard House in Dillard, GA


  1. They are very pretty...I love coral shades. I have a pot of pink dahlias this summer. I repotted them when they started to look sick. Now they're doing a lot better. There hasn't been a lot of heat around...perhaps that's why they haven't been happy. I can't imagine giving flowers hot water! =D

  2. I just can't seem to grown them for some reason, but I do like them very much. I sure will be glad when FALL gets here.
    It's been a long hot summer for us with high humidity, which is not normal for us.
    Have a great weekend Mona.
    I have heard that cut the steam again just before you put them in warm water as they seal when you cut them outside the warm water opens them up again.


  3. I remember growing dahlias in Ohio, but I haven't grown them in Texas. They are such a pretty flower, Mona.
    Happy Labor Day weekend to you! xo

  4. They are such beautiful colors!


  5. You take some of the prettiest flower pictures in blogland, Mona. This Dahlia is gorgeous. The color is so soft and gentle.