Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Yellow Roses at Centerstage

This table came together around a bouquet of yellow roses that my sweet husband brought me.. they represent love to me..a symbol of our very early stage of dating...

The china is Impromptu Iroquois by Ben Seibel  and this pattern is Bridal White..  I am slowly building a set of this because it goes with everything and is so durable.  It is the china my Mama had as I was growing up. We lived in a very, very modern 60's house.. I loaded many  loads into our dishwasher with this china...I wish I had her set..It has been a long search and lately it is a little easier to find.  I am still a 50's and 60's style lover..I guess you call that mid century...not a purist, just to juxtapose with other styles and eras...

Engraved brass napkin rings with patterned napkins....

The chargers are Pottery Barn hammered metal..

My ever present White Orchid silver...

I am trying to get more creative in the use of different fabrics on my tables.  I am a true fabricaholic..LOL  and it needs to either be used or leave this house...yeah, right..famous last words...
But, I am going to be more freely mixing and using these beautiful fabrics on my tables..
This week..
the gray and white chevron ,the gray tone hexagons and then this coordinated(well, sort of)
fabric for napkins....

I am so happy that Kathleen decided to do an impromptu tablescape party tonight to celebrate spring...I am all in on that one!

Come and join in at  Let's Dish..

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One more view with candlelight...

I am so glad you came by....
Love, Mona


  1. Mona, I think that I have already shared with you, but yellow roses are what my sweet husband has always given me. I enjoy every one of your posts, when you include them. I love your china and the story that goes with it - I, too, am sentimental about things that remind me of the past. Your photographs are beautiful - always!!

  2. Love the tablescape and the yellow roses are so pretty and go so well with you table. I am a sentimental person also - great photos too.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  3. I love the romantic yellow roses, Mona, and your beautiful table. I love fabrics, too, and you've used them so creatively. I always love your photos and especially the candlelit ones.. so pretty. xo

  4. Beautiful Mona! I love your fabrics. I think they accent your white china beautifully. I love the shape of the bowl and the hammered charger compliments the place setting. Of course, the yellow roses delight the eye and heart! It is special you found the dishes like your mothers. I know how special that is. Your photos are always delightful.

  5. Mona, you always have the most amazing images of your beautiful tablescapes. I wish I could achieve such gorgeous images. What is your secret?
    The yellow roses delight my heart. My mother and I used to send each other "sunshine" in the form of yellow roses. They will always be special to me. I have yellow roses growing my garden. '-)

  6. Gorgeous tablescape Mona! The linen fabrics are awesome, along with your napkins and with beautiful layers of... charger and dishes you chose! Lovely and happy yellow roses to center it and bring it all together! Happy Let's Dish!


  7. Gorgeous setting! Although there is a juxtaposition of varying patterns and textures, they mesh perfectly together! Love the hammered charger from PB!

  8. I love the white china. Like you I am pulled towards Mid Century by virtue of my youth. It reminds me of people I love. Food looks lovely on white dishes too. Your images are stellar once again. That husband of yours did good with yellow roses. Did I tell you that Joe bought me three David Austin roses? They are about to bloom. have a terrific weekend, olive

  9. Your roses are gorgeous! Great the fabrics and the chargers.

  10. Beautiful post.Very elegant and soothing.The rose speaks it's story.Very romantic indeed.Well taken photographs..Thank sujatha..:):)

  11. Beautiful serene table, Mona...and those roses are spectacular! I can remember when I would never think of mixing a floral and a plaid fabric together, it took me a long time before I felt comfortable, now I just do it and usually like the results!
    Have a wonderful week.

  12. Classic beauty and very serene. - Audrey

  13. I love the reserved neutral feel of your Spring table. It sets a marvelous stage to let the yellow roses "POP" right off the table. Lovely!

  14. Mona, this is lovely! The roses set the stage for a wonderful performance by the cloth and dishes! I hear you on the fabric! The one who dies with the most wins! :)
    hanks for joining in the Spring fun!

  15. Mona,
    Oh, dear one. . .I love your subtle hues of your impromptu tablescape!
    Serene and tranquil and totally accented with the yellow roses!!!
    Thank you for sharing and good luck with your quest to find more dinnerware pieces!

  16. Mona,
    There's nothing like yellow roses to brighten up the house a bit. I smiled when I saw the bridal white china that your mom had when you were growing up because my mom used to have white corningware. Do you remember that? When I got married and started a family of my own, I continued to buy this corningware. It's so durable and nice.

    You set a lovely table, Mona. Have a peaceful Sunday.


  17. This is a beautiful tablescape - the roses make it quite elegant. I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  18. Hi, Mona! I'm just catching up after a few weeks away from the land of blog. I'm glad to catch up to this tablescape because it is truly beautiful. What gorgeous dishes!!! I love that bowl! It's so graceful, yet playful in a way. The hammered charger is fabulous, too! I would love to have 15 or 20 of those in my stash!!!

    The roses are so sweet. Kudos to your wonderful husband. He knows how to keep you happy!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

  19. The fabrics tell a beautiful story, and I love that you are collecting your mama's wonderful! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay