Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Garden at Easter

Lately, I have just been enjoying my yard..

and not having very much to say....

Just come walk with me and enjoy my garden....

If you have any questions about any of the plants seen in my pictures, I will be glad to answer them..just leave me a comment...

Have a Happy Easter y'all..  

and remember the true meaning.

It's when Jesus rose from the dead..

and He lives..



  1. It is looking so fine and so very springy! That is a beautiful white iris, too!

  2. So many beautiful plants, love all the colors...must keep you the different varieties...

  3. Oh Mona, I always love to see your nature pictures. You are so good at the camera when it comes to all things blossoming. Your garden is filled with beauty at this time of year. I love the purple flowers, and am wondering what they are? Thank you for your very nice comment on my girlfriend post. To be quite honest though, sometimes I feel closer to my blog friends than my real life friends. My blog friends have so much insight on life, and YOU, my friend, are one of them. Yes, Jesus lives.........and He loves us so much.

    Happy Easter, Mona.


    1. thank you Sheri...that flower is ajuga and it is a very good ground cover when it is happy..This is one of those happy accidents in my garden..A few plants were in some dirt I moved around the pond and it took root and with all the rain last year..well, you see the results...and it really is as long as it is happy, I will leave it there. thanks for asking...

  4. Mona, I wish I had your knowledge and your green "thumb". All of your hard work has certainly earned a huge reward. Your "home place" is a garden of delights!!

  5. So envious of your snowballs. I don't have enough sun for them to bloom. Yours are beautiful. Your entire garden is delightful. I would love to stroll through with you and hear about each plant.

    Have a wonderful Easter, Mona. Bonnie

  6. Color me green with envy...except for my thumbs which are nowhere near as green as yours!!! What a wonderful array of plantings!!! I love the snowballs and the viburnum!!! And you have iris up already?!?!??!! Wow! SO pretty!!! I'm glad you explained what the purple flowers are to Sheri above. I thought it was that Spike Speedwell. green thumbs here!

    Enjoy your beautiful yard and the Easter weekend ahead!

  7. Your garden is just beautiful, as always! That white Hydrangea bush is incredible and I love the red blooms in the last photo. You truly have a green thumb, cher! Have a very happy Easter!

  8. The snowball viburnum is magnificent. Your garden is a place of peace.