Tuesday, March 18, 2014

O Spring, Where Art Thou?

After a beautiful and warm weekend, we are again at near freezing temps this morning here in Georgia...

This is the view from my family room window on sunny days.  I shaped this old camellia into a tree form so we could see the blooms easily..and it would provide a little shade over this window.. I guess it is about 15 feet tall now...

This apricot colored quince is just starting to bloom.  Nothing is really in full bloom yet.. a few here and there on most spring flowering plants.  I am beginning to see some of the damage caused by our single digit weather this winter.  I am holding my breath but seems like 3 of my very old spirea were killed..I didn't know anything would kill them.  They have been here for decades..

No matter how hard I look, I am seeing no signs of life..Maybe they will sprout from the roots..we'll see..

After a very full day of gardening, my husband built a fire in our firepit and we enjoyed eating pizza and sitting by this fire until dark..I should tell you that he built this firepit. Some of my very favorite times spent with him are working side by side in the yard...My parents did this every weekend and it is something I am proud to say we carry on with the tradition.  Having a pretty yard was and is a high value in this whole family..  I kinda took it for granted until it was me who was the caretaker of the garden as a whole..  I had no idea how much work it took for my parents and grandparents to keep up the beautifully landscaped yards I enjoyed as a child.  Now I do it for the sheer joy of beautifying my surroundings....

Is there something you do just for the joy of doing it?  I hope so.....

The welcome sign from my Mama's garden....still hangs nearby....

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  1. Lovely photos Mona, love these signs of spring............she's almost here! yippee

    Yes, I do a number of things just for the joy of doing it, make cards, blog, and do pretty tables for family and friends, and decorate the house seasonally..........

    Have a wonderful Spring,

  2. Oh Mona, so sorry that you have more bad weather. We had a beautiful weekend with the temps over 90 on Sunday. But today is will be in high 70's. My flowers are going crazy and it's early for them, but we had no winter at all. Stop by and see my flowers.
    How are your Aussie's? Waldo loves being outside when t's warm.
    Have a great week.

  3. Hi Mona! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting with such kind words. What a gorgeous Camelia (tree?). I love gardening as well...although I'm definitely a novice....just like photography...novice. lol It is so good to meet you and I'll definitely be following!

    Leelee @ paperbagstyling

  4. Mona, I've been seeing some signs of Spring here in Athens and I am ready for more. It's been a pretty brutal winter so hoping lots of plants survived, we should know soon. Great photos. Your yard is lovely.


  5. Beautiful shots, Mona! W aer experiencing the same thing here in NC. Everything here today is covered with ice...the poor little daffodils and a few other things are shrouded in ice :( Do you think spring will come? I may be asking myself that question this summer during the 95 degree sweltering heat!

  6. Mona, I am so ready for spring! The temperature was 37 degrees this morning, when I awoke! There is something definitely wrong with this - lol!!! You photos are beautiful - cannot wait to see your garden, when everything is blooming!!

  7. Don't give up hope for your spireas. I lived in northern Indiana for a number of years. Our weather came from Canada over the Great Lakes. It was cold, snowy, icy and windy but spireas survived very well. You may just have to wait a bit longer. Good luck.

  8. Mona,
    Your spring flowers are so lovely. I like the firepit that your husband built. Eating pizza and enjoying each other's company around the fire sounds nice to me.

    Is there something I do just for the joy of doing it?...........Yes, taking pictures! I find so much joy in it almost every day.

    Happy first day of spring, Mona.


  9. I enlarged your garden pics and they are just beautiful. You are speaking my language! My husband and I have always enjoyed working in the yard and doing projects together. Someone said it's our love language. :) At our last house we had a huge pond, I'm trying to talk him into a small pond here.