Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nothing But Blue Skies

When I open my curtains first thing in the morning, this is what greets me! The skies of fall are absolutely stunning...a gorgeous backdrop for all the turning  leaves...Blue skies.....nothing but blue skies from now on.....the whole post..

Did you take time to notice the sky when you got up this morning? 

 Take time to focus.....Look UP!

It might just leave you speechless....

Thank you for stopping by today.

Love, Mona


  1. Beautiful, Mona! I am always up, before the sun. However, I forget to look - thanks for sharing your view!

  2. What a blessing you received this morning! Thanks for reminding us to take time to look around us for those special moments!

  3. What outstanding photos! Oh my!! It is such a great reminder to time to look up! Happy week to you!!!

  4. You and I have SO much in common, Mona! I love looking up at the sky and all the beautiful cloud formations. I always take that time to "talk to" my brother. It's almost as if I can see him in those clouds. Maybe because I always called him an airhead! :-) At any rate, your photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!