Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Big Baxter

We have a visitor this week..His name is Baxter and he is our granddog...He belongs to my son and his family...
There is not a sweeter dog anywhere..very mild mannered but when he gets around our dogs, Baxter thinks he is an Australian Shepherd...lol

Most of the time he walks out to a good place to view the yard and lays down...

He is a sweetheart...

Baxter is a Newfoundland..very good disposition..but a VERY big dog.....

While he is doing his thing, here is what the others are doing......oh, my..such different temperaments...

this is their playing

mother and son

Be true to who you are......we each must live within our own temperament..the way we are made...find out about yourself....and be that person...


  1. What a beautiful dog! My parents have a border collie the same age as our chow/lab cross and she runs circles around him 100x over - lol :)

  2. Miss my big boy! Wish I could have brought him to the beach. Thank you again for giving him a much deserved spring break.

  3. He is big and beautiful. I have been outside with Shelley today as it is so pretty.

  4. Apparently, dogs are born with that knowledge. Humans may be less evolved - we have to get old to "get it"(well, I may be talking about just me)!!! All of the dogs are beautiful creatures!

  5. I'd sit back and watch, too! All beautiful dogs.