Monday, February 11, 2013

What Time Is It?

 It is important to do things when it is time to do them...especially if we are is much easier to clear brush before the new growth in the spring....and there has been enough rain that the ground is soft for uprooting.

This past weekend we had wonderful weather for working in the yard.  We spent the day clearing away the ever present privet and this awful green thorny vine that has underground runners..  We have been steady at this for almost 10 years..  there had been such neglect on this property and privet had been left to almost completely cover the back third of our property.. some of the privet trees were 10 inches in diameter...our neighboring properties still have enormous stands of privet on them and the seeds are carried by wind and birds to replant our land every, we have to stay on top of things or the privet will overtake our woods again....But, anyway..I love how it looks as soon as we have made a clean sweep of the little privet stands....

this man

and this machine, called a brush cutter

turned this...

into this

and this  
(just pretend those fedex trucks are not back there...that's what I have to used to be woods)

into this

 All of our dogs kept their distance but never took their eyes off of dear hubby while he was working and I was cleaning out a flowerbed...

Well, I was beginning to get the bermuda grass out...

It was indeed a good day...with spring like weather...Today we are back to dreary, cool weather...but, when the woods look clean and the privet is gone, I KNOW that spring can't be too far off...

Are you ready for spring too?

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  1. That is a great transformation. I did nothing outside this weekend. But I did make some kitchen curtains. And you know I am not a DIY in that way.