Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Romance of Valentines Day

As I pondered a blog about Valentines Day, I looked back over all of the pictures I have taken on this special day..only the digital ones...they are the easiest to get to.  One of the tables stood out to me...very simple and romantic....It's funny how the food I have cooked doesn't look so appealing in my pictures..the lighting was always way too, no food pictures today..

Yes, I am a true romantic...My Mama used to tell me I was in love with being in if that was a bad thing...

I most certainly do love being in love.....

My grandparents must have shared this feeling with me....this heart necklace was given to my Grandmother by my Granddaddy on Valentines Day more than 50 years ago.....I always wear it on Valentines...

This year my dear husband is taking me out to eat at a very special restaurant here...I was so surprised when he told me he had made reservations for, this tribute to tables past is my contribution to this romantic day..

and the BEST thing about this year is....All I have to do to prepare is get dressed that is true romance....

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. The necklace is beautiful. I know you two will have a lovely time. Joe and I went out last night and ate far too much.

  2. Mona - how lovely and how wonderful that you have something so precious from your grandparents! I hope that you and Bryan have a very happy and romantic Valentine's Day!