Thursday, February 28, 2013

Taking Inside Pictures

Sometimes when I am scrolling through the many pictures on Pinterest, I come upon an actually helpful Pin..

This morning was that kind of morning.  as some of you know, I am learning a new first DSLR.
And it does have it's challenges, especially when taking indoor pictures...
A little known dining room has NO windows...that's right is located in the center of our house and has big openings to all of the other rooms so is not completely dark say the least, it has been a real challenge to take pictures in there..  and there are so many blogs about tablescapes that I would like to participate in but the quality has not been good enough....  so that is my sad story...LOL

This morning, it finally clicked as I read someone's blog about White Balance and Aperture......I am not good enough to teach you but will show you my first attempts with these new settings.....inside on a cloudy day...pretty good, don't you think?

I am so excited to see the colors of my china turn out as their true colors ....I know there is still a lot of experimenting but just wanted to show you these pictures...Maybe, just maybe I can now do a tablescape and be pleased with the colors.......

Anybody ready for a tea party?

Here is a link to her blog post.....    Tips for indoor Photos


  1. Shoot me that Pin lovey. The china looks great. I have an awful time with inside shots. xoxo, olive

  2. I have been interested in photography my whole life and I still do not understand all of that!! Thank heavens for software that helps, after the photos were taken! You will have to give me lessons, after you learn everything! Love that china.

  3. Mona, I'm so happy you found the post on pinterest and even more happy to see these tips working for you! They look great! Thanks so much for sharing the link, I hope it will help others also! Be sure to stop by the blog again next week for my lenses post, I think you'll like it :) Love your cute blog by the way!