Monday, February 18, 2013

Marvelous MaryElla and the cashmere blanket

My gorgeous and marvelous granddaughter came to visit this weekend...Have I told you that I am in love?

 She was deep in conversation with her Mama.....a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e  she was making all of us laugh out loud....

I finally made her a cashmere blanket from upcycled sweaters...I have been working on it for years.. but now I have a muse...MaryElla...... and that makes sewing easier..

One of the reasons she is so special to me is that I had resigned myself to only having grandsons..and getting a granddaughter after 3 boys..well, pretty darn amazing to me!  and my son has 2 stepsons now so that means she is the lone girl in the midst of 5 boys...

I promise to try NOT to spoil her or to shower her with more girly things than she can imagine...grin..wink, wink

Most definitely 'getting my girl on'  lately..Yes, indeed.  it is nice to have a granddaughter...

I hope you enjoyed my precious girl and her new blanket..  now, what can I make next?


  1. I would spoil her rotten. The blanket is beautiful. The new camera is perfect timing for her too. The images of her are beautiful.

  2. Mona - that blanket is so pretty and I love the idea of using sweaters for the fabric. I cannot believe how much she is growing and I have been keeping up with her on FB! She is a living doll - I know you are totally in love!!

  3. She is adorable!!! Her blanket is so pretty and I"ll bet she loves to snuggle under it! I can only imagine how your heart melted to get a granddaughter.
    Shopping for little girls could break me, ha. They have such wonderful selections and then the boy stuff (not much of it) is stuck in a corner!
    Have fun! Spoil that sweet baby! That's what we are for......