Thursday, January 31, 2013

Adding Dimension

Have you ever looked around at your life  and thought.... it just feels a little FLAT!  somewhat shallow...not many ups and downs...

There is something you can do about can add depth and dimension to your life...going from boring to takes a little bit of thinking and creativity......

this wall was flat and boring...and  then I started adding plates, trays, and bowls..they have a common or floral there is a commonality but lots of variety....

they are seen from across the room in the reflection of this antique mirror...  When we add texture to our life or home, it spills over into other parts of our is contagious....once you start down the path of adding interesting characteristics to is kinda like potato chips, you can't eat just builds on itself...block by block..until, there you have it..a no longer boring, flat life..

Life is graced with golden opportunities to further your alert.....TRY!!  .we all have to start somewhere..what interests you?

These pillows all huddled together in our living from my early days as a new from a dear girl, Sarah, who painstakingly sewed every button on by hand while praying for me ..a real treasure...and one that I made from a cashmere and silk sweater with felt roses .....they all add texture, dimension to our room..

A very old crewel piece done by my Grandmother about 90-100 years ago....stained and fragile with age but still beautiful to me....I love to run my hand over the stitches..they are smooth on a linen background..rough and coarse...the colors are still vibrant..

We are made to be all of these pictures, there is depth or dimension but there are differences..each one important in it's own right...Embrace your uniqueness, don't try to copy someone else's your own...that is what adds depth to your life...copying someone else is FLAT... we all have something to add..our own texture to give to this world...

What gives your life depth?  if there is nothing, what can you add to make it deeper, to give it more than one dimension?  think about it....there is no need to spend life being a boring person.....

There is a lot to be thankful for so find something or somebody and SMILE!

I appreciate your stopping by today..


  1. Lovely and deep post. The plates and bowls on the walls look wonderful.

  2. Mona, what a sweet post and how lucky you are to still have that piece done by your grandmother! This post made me think of what someone told me once (tongue-in-cheek), "I am a lot more shallow deeper, than anyone knows."!! I hope that I am deeper, well, deeper, than anyone knows - lol!! I know you are...

  3. So much to think about from this post. You have a great ability of expression...... I wish I had that!
    I know you treasure your grandmother's beautiful work!