Friday, September 28, 2012

Almost There

 From where I sit, I can see begins in just a few days....where has this year gone?  it has passed so quickly......this is a grand birthday month in our family......My husband and I both have grandmother's born in October....we went on our first date in this lovely month.......


the BEST thing about this first granddaughter will arrive...and I can hold her in my arms and see her sweet face......and the three generations of women living on this earth will be once again......yes, indeed a grand wonderful women filled month is right on the horizon.....

Jerusalem artichokes

Confederate Rose

the same Confederate Rose--day two
Confederate Rose is a wonderful old fashioned flower that I got from my grandmother whom I called  Mamama  every October she is full of blooms.....beautiful....large plant...


chrysanthemum buds

holly berries turning
I love outside in the fall...the colors are breathtaking to me....I met my husband in the fall and it contains many great memories for us.......

These are just a few of my favorite things...



warm fires

cozy cashmere blankets

smell of cinnamon

brown transferware dishes

pecans, acorns, caramels

sweaters, boots, and jeans

beautiful fall foliage

What does fall mean to you?  

thank you for stopping by today and I hope to see you again soon...Happy fall weekend to you...



  1. Mona - we cannot wait to meet her, too. I know we will get to see lots of photos!! My first child was born in October and I remember thinking that September was the hottest month, ever! Thinking of Betsy today!!

  2. This fall is have the drought behind us and receive some much needed rain!!

    A granddaughter!! Special, special. Can't wait to see her. You are going to just melt!! I promise.