Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gardening is my passion

It seems like all I do lately concerns my gardens....yesterday, it was rainy and I am getting over a cold so I worked in my sewing/catchall room....I can finally see my sewing machine and work table that has been undercover since Christmas.....I am glad to get that underway....

But I still long to be outside even when I know I need to chill another day or two.....

a place to sit down and rest

heirloom tomatoes and eggplant

hollyhock, maple trees, and calendula

digging beds for tomatoes
beans and potatoes

Early Girl tomato

several varieties of squash

So for today, I am content to post some pictures about the progress in our vegetable garden....this early spring warmth will work a body half to death.....I     M U S T   learn to pace myself....I will blame it on my mama..she used to work until she could not work another second...I am like that..I try to overcome it but that trait lingers.....

and being married to a man that never slows down or stops..well, we both need to learn more about rest..  grin...

mastermind inventor

irrigation system for home garden
Bryan is so inventive that if I dream it up, he can usually come up with a way to do it...very thankful for him.....and all he does...I especially love the expressions when he is showing me something like this..that he knows I want for the garden....and it works perfectly.....and blends in with the landscape...

thank you for stopping by today...I hope to see you again soon..I certainly need to do a blog post about my daylilies..once I have enough time to come in from the garden........

Happy Tuesday to you..



  1. I have been cleaning my house and buying groceries today and I am so tired. Now, you see why I cannot make myself garden. So glad that I get to enjoy yours!!

  2. You are going to be covered up with tomatoes. mMybe I can visit at their peek? Just kidding...

  3. my husband is the same way. He can invent or do much of anything around home and yard. He took sprinklers for irrigation and attached them to pc pipe. I have these sprinklers for my garden beds. Light , easy to handle and spreads the water quite the distance.so at the end of the pc is a off and on switch that has a fitting attach the hose.