Thursday, April 5, 2012

Garden meandering

There are so many beautiful things in my garden this time of year...and not enough room to show you all of the pictures of everything...these are just a few of what is blooming or growing today......

old fashioned snowball bush

mock orange  or English dogwood

red crepe myrtle

variegated liriope

iris bud

Queen Anne's lace

spiderwort bud


bachelor button

prosperity rose

double knockout rose

Bath's pink


old timey iris from Mamama's
as you can see, I really am partial to white's because you can see them even at night......I didn't realize there were so many in my garden until I was going through these pictures.. was a goal to have a twilight garden and I guess I did it....

all of these pictures were edited with Picasa and I used the cross process effect on them..there are so many things you can do with photos now...learning takes some time but it is so worth it to learn some new things about photography...and all the different effects that are out there..

cross process and the 1960's effects are two of my favorite ones....if you have Picasa, try it... it's fun..

I love my garden and I love taking pictures out I hope you enjoy this little meandering walk today.....

thank you so much for stopping by ..I hope to see you again soon.......



  1. All lovely, Mona! I do love Picasa - it is so much fun!

  2. Your yard is absolutely gorgeous! Did you plant all of these over time or are they wild? Love everything, but those Bachelor Buttons are my faves. Have a wonderful, Happy Easter!