Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Picture Walls

I love pictures...and I love hanging them on my walls along with anything else I can find that I can make stay up on my walls....I walked around my house and literally took these pictures just as my house is staging going on here...this is how we really live every will see laundry baskets and stacks of dishes and probably some other things that are not normally in our pictures out in blogland..but here goes....these walls..called gallery walls over at Pinterest   ....I am passionate about them.....I have been decorating like this all of my started out as a common bulletin board in my room as a teenager....and it has grown from there..oh, that I could get some more walls in my house.....grin, wink....

family room

family room

dining room

dining room

living room


creative room....mine, all mine

master bedroom



even behind the door

my bathroom
As you can see, walls can be beautiful things when decorated......even when left simple and clear..well, to some people, that is....

But, here is what I am thinking about today as I capture my walls and show them to you....We all have walls in our lives, that we have built   TO KEEP OTHERS OUT!!!!!!!  and to protect ourselves........but, in reality....they have made a prison for us......they not only keep others out, they keep us IN !!!!!!!   The only good and safe place to be is without walls....  I didn't say without boundaries..those are good to have...I said WALLS.......those tall, rigid things that keep getting taller and taller and we keep hanging more and more stuff on and we keep saying...Look at my walls, they are filled with very much varied and beautiful stuff that make them alright to have....    No, they are of our own making..they imprison us no matter how many times we give them cute, fashionable or hip and cool names like  'GALLERY' walls.....

I don't like walls when they pertain to relationships...I like to have wall-less relationships.....because it is easy to see and sense a person that is hiding behind a wall..thinking they are safe when in truth, they are in prison behind those walls.....and only they can walk out and be free.......

So..........think about it...are there walls in your life???  have you hung so many pretty pictures on them that you think they are not only harmless but actually great to look at?? they are NOT......they have made a prison for you..the only way out is to TEAR DOWN your walls and risk everything...but it is worth it......

come out, come out where ever you are!!!!!

We can only be ourselves when we stand out in the open...out from behind our walls......

I love me some walls...and all of the space they have to hang stuff........but let's keep them as just that..and not places to hide behind so we feel safe .  They really are just imprisoning us...

thank you for reading along today....I would love to hear from you so leave me a comment......and I hope to see you again soon......


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  1. Oh, Mona, I am so out in the open that my neighbors are BEGGING me to put up some walls. Or at least some curtains.


    Lovely post! And you have a great artist's eye for placement on your walls... I could use your help here. I freeze with anxiety when it's time to hang things, and usually end up not doing it. I've got boxes of things that should be on our walls, but aren't.

    Come help!
    Best wishes, and happy new year...