Monday, January 9, 2012

La La Land

It's feeling a lot like I am living in la la land lately.....the weather is house is in that state of limbo between decorated for Christmas and cozied up for winter...which seems non existent at the moment.. and the twinges of spring fever because it has been so warm all of this is making for a little bit of 'every which way'  inside of it fall, winter or spring??????   I know, I know...look at the is officially WINTER..

I actually worked in my garden over the weekend and even broke a sweat...oh, wait is that unlady like to say that??  LOL  sorry....    and dug some weeds and planted some garlic....I am even thinking about planting some better hurry up and get cold if it is going to cause I can feel planting season coming on in a great big hurry..

I can look at this picture and realize  we have a few months before it will really be warm enough to grow much around here.....

Winterpast in winter


isn't he just the cutest thing?  we call him the lounge lizard beacuse he always has this look on his face like he is going to break out in crooning some love songs that would only be appropriate in a slinky lounge....good ol' Bo..
and he ALWAYS looks at me like this..

now back to the winter landscape.....

my beloved garden

yes, that's Bryan mowing in the background

THE flowerbed
and  ALWAYS, ALWAYS flowers....
Hopefully I will exit la la land sometimes in the very near future........there is a lot of living to do......
Until then,  thank you for coming by today and see you again real soon...

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  1. I agree, I have just been reading in a lounge chair on the deck then came inside and built a fire in our den which has no access to the heat system. Crazy I know. Your dog is adorable.