Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Eye of the Beholder

Here are some of the small treasures I have found at the thrift stores I frequent...it takes being diligent and having patience....and sometimes beauty is only in the eye of the beholder...LOL  I realize thrifting is not for everyone but I absolutely love it....it is amazing what I have found through the years and have used to decorate my home in a way that reflects who I am .......

By living life this way, our house is unique....well, I hope you enjoy seeing these thrifty finds....some of them found this very morning.....

Paris art and these colors always catch my eye

a nickel for each card

sterling overlay pitcher...$5

8 pewter goblets...    .99 ea

handblown glass orbs...    $1   ea

these are some great finds...and have already been incorporated into our home.... Buy what you like and it will all go together. I buy according to what I like and then FIND somewhere for it to fit in when I get it home...that's just my style.....

thank you for stopping by today..hope to see you again soon..

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  1. These are some great finds! I love that pitcher and those glass orbs. It's amazing what you can find at thrift stores.