Friday, July 29, 2011

Downtown Athens....

We were off and running after we ate lunch downtown this week..this post is for all of you out there that still are in love with your old college alma mater is almost time for the students to come back and it is a bittersweet time for us native Athenians....our sleepy, quiet little town gets an influx of about 35,000 students and it is no longer 'our town' but we have to share until they all go away again at Christmas break...ahhh the joys of living in a college town.....but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I do dearly love my town...

So this is a little stroll through downtown on a very HOT Thursday about a week before school starts....or starts to start......and with two brothers in the lead most of the way....lots of laughter and lots of smiles from the other people on the we go...I hope you enjoy...I surely did..and Will and Mac had a ball discovering anything and everything...kinda hard to explain the cigarette butt holders on the parking meters..especially when a little hand is way down in it trying to retrieve whatever he can find down there...I finally just settled for 'YUK  you don't want to put your hand in there!!!!!"  in my kind grandmotherly voice...wink, wink   and explaining to them that they did NOT want to go down there where DT's Down Under used to be and the reeking of beer and was quite an adventure seeing it through little eyes....LOL  

College Square

Mama, what time is it???

waiting for the sign to say walk..

ahhhh beautiful windows

trying to get them still for picture..LOL

they loved these bars


cute little Mac
fascinated by   bars down under...

why walk when you can RUN???

and she keeps smiling and enjoying life......

Mac is DONE!!!!!

and so were we. DONE! we had such a good time strolling downtown...can't wait to do it again when it is a little cooler....I hope you enjoyed my pretty little town..

and thank you so much for reading along with me.....see you soon...

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  1. What wonderful, cute, pictures! Made me smile . . . I miss my granddaughter so much - *wah!* -- Oregon is so far away . . .dang.