Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Choices We Make

My class reunion was this past weekend and I decided not to go...there were many reasons but mainly it is just a really busy time of year for us.....But I have seen many, many pictures thanks to my facebook friends...it has been a  trip down memory lane for me... seeing pictures of people I haven't seen in decades..and to see that some are happy where they are in life...and some looked miserable...isn't that the way life is?  it's all about the choices we make..

As I was watering this morning, I began to think about all of the choices in my life that have caused me to be where I am at this point in life....and that is important...our life is the sum of our own choices.

I chose to marry Bryan when he asked me....I had prayed about it for a couple of years and knew it was the right decision for me to make...my choice...I could have chosen to marry another...or to stay single....but I chose to wait for the BEST..not settle for just good or even bad...

I have followed God with my life...not always making the most popular choices...sometimes making really hard ones...but I am sure I have been seeking Him every step of the way...have I done it perfectly?  NO...that is why there is repentance......but I do know this...I have surrendered my life to Him and let Him guide me in my choices....and those choices have guided me here..where I am today...and I KNOW that I live in the place He chose for me and I am married to the husband He chose for me and I am doing with my life what pleases Him..I want to make a difference in this life..to help as many people as possible.....not just live a nice little life with very low impact....and you can do this too...

 I put my life in the hands of the One that can use me to do this..if there is only one, let me be that woman..the totally surrendered to God woman.....here I am , use me....

this movie came to mind this morning..if you haven't seen it yet, it is a good one to watch....it is a classic about making choices....just watch the trailer and you will get the gist of it....

The Family Man

thank you for reading along today...find your place and LIVE there...pour your heart into it.....


  1. Seems you have it together, Mona. I am still working on it!!

  2. Good to be reminded of this, today. Thank you!

  3. Lovely post and such a blessing to me!