Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Day to Celebrate

This man who is so full of life..who has overcome tremendous odds to become who he is today....who has fought hard and not given up to make a comfortable life for build a business from the ground be a faithful and loving husband..and such an awesome grandfather......Poppy.... and I am so proud of him...

and to be the surprised owner of FIVE Australian entire herd...LOL

Today is my dear awesome husband's birthday...After a week and a half of celebrating our anniversary and my birthday, he seems kinda burned out on celebrations.  :-)   He just wanted this day to pass by....BUT...we can't do that!!!

I will be busy planning and fixing a meal for tonight that will be fit for a king...well, sorta...let's say,
the king of this castle...

It will be simple but GOOD......

porterhouse steak
baked potatoes
salad w/caesar vinaigrette

lemon pie for dessert

There, that ought to do it.....
Then we have a whole year until 'our month' rolls around again.....April is indeed a month of celebrating around here..
And as always, thank you for reading along...

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  1. Hope it is a wonderful day for both of you. Dinner sounds wonderful!