Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LIFE Actually

Here are a few pictures of our Valentine's Day dinner...We ate at home because that is what we like to do. Bryan grilled steaks and I made chocolate covered strawberries.
Our table was set with some of my finds from through the years...ALL of this came from years and years of thrift store shopping...pennies on the dollar..and YES, that is actually Haviland china and silverplate, Exquisite..and crystal wine glasses..even linen for the tablecloth...

I waited until the day after to share with you what our dinner was like...I am not very good at staging a pretend dinner so it can be pictured early.I am just too lazy to do that.  LOL...I am very much an actual woman..this is actually our table last night and this is the food we really ate for our Valentine dinner.
I think it turned out really pretty and we both enjoyed it..a quiet romantic dinner at home.
and the table was set with things I had in my china hutch.
and the steaks were bought by my sweet husband.

It was a good Valentine's Day in this home.....I hope your day was a good one too...if not, there is always next year. :-)
thank you for sharing your time with me by reading along.....
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