Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Fun

As promised here are a few of the pictures I took of our trip to Washington Farms pumpkin patch.  it is really a fun, wholesome thing to do in the fall..  there is a hayride

and there are animals...Mac is so absolutely an animal person...he gets down and dirty with them...

Will lead us through the corn maze and didn't even make a wrong turn....he definitely has a great sense of direction.
and we all got wet when there was a rain shower....not hard rain, just enough to feel like a kid least it was a warm rain...and then it was back to select a pumpkin and go home...after a trip to McDonald's, of course.

These boys teach me every time I am around them..I never knew that I had this kind of unconditional love in me..They are such gorgeous boys..inside and out..I am most blessed.
I learn about how we each have our strengths and is so obvious to me when I watch their little lives begin to unfold..they could not be more different and yet they are so much alike....even in their is dark brunette and dark brown eyes..the other blond hair and blue eyes..and baby Marshall looks like he is coming up with red hair....but they are all from the same parents...diversity..yes, indeed..their is diversity in this family of is a leader and he will already tell you that...the other is content to follow (for now) is so aware of all that is around him..especially words and things...the other is so connected to people..very bondable..and will get into our dogs faces and lay on them without any fear at all...even picking up live bugs...a true animal lover..the other one can give you every fact about said animal that was ever discovered.....yes, they teach me to celebrate diversity...the same, yet so very different...
Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if we celebrated each others differences instead of being intimidated by them?  if we helped each other to be different from each other.if we each took our rightful place and we can't have the SAME place....if we were glad to have our place and be who we are and not try to take someone else's place...

If from our heart we really, really said   IT IS GREAT TO BE ME.....and then live like we mean it.....

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