Monday, September 20, 2010

Being an original

You know, I am learning a thing or two about being an original..I have some quotes that I like...."we are born an original but most of us die a copy" favorite one.....but in reality, I rarely live out this idea of originality in day to day life....most days, I am pretty content to be who I am .....but sometimes, maybe if I could just be a little more like --whoever or whatever----these thoughts creep up on me...

I don't realize I have given up on embracing being an original....that nobody else will ever be just like me..I will never ever be just like somebody's important that we fulfill the life given to us as the person we are meant to be...
Sometimes life gives me a little shake and I realize wow..I am a little bit off the path ..and I can make an adjustment and things are back in line again.
This weekend I got such a shake when I found out I had won a 2nd place ribbon at the fair for a quilt that I made...and guess what!!!   it is entirely an absolutely came out of my own imagination..yes, I know that God has given this creativity to me.  :-) but I had to choose to use it...I did not have a pattern or a book of instructions to follow..I dared to be an not copy someone else but to be myself...I loved making it..and this weekend I learned something as I was rewarded for being myself...for following my heart and daring to stretch and color outside of the is quite a simple quilt but the best thing about is a WINNER!!   originality wins over being a copy.

I hope I remember this in day to day stay an original...that is how I am made...not as a copy or an imitation...

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  1. Oh, I'm glad you found a picture! I will get another one with the ribbon hanging from it. It looks good with red! :)