Monday, August 2, 2010

Birthdays again..

It seems like there are a lot of birthdays around here..maybe that just means there are a lot of people in my family..or my circle....
Today is the birthday of our puppies...we had a litter of 7 healthy puppies...they have been so much fun and 3 of them have joined our family permanently...the whole experience was a Christmas gift from my husband about 4 years ago.  it took a long time to get everything done before we had this litter...but the wait was worth it..what a wonderful experience.  I always wanted 5 dogs and now we have them....I remember telling Bryan when we were discussing marriage that he was marrying me and my dog....(DOG)  as in only ONE....  smile......I wanted it to be clear that I was very attached to my dog baby.....little did he know that I was SERIOUS!  13 years later and waa--laaa  he is as big of a dog person as I am..maybe more at times...they have absolutely stolen his we are now a 5 dog family and I wouldn't have it any other way..they are such a joy and such pure trust and love...I do LOVE my dogs ..
Thank you Bryan for giving them to me...Happy Birthday has this year gone??

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