Monday, July 26, 2010

The Bounty of Summer

There is no other way to describe figs except to say pure lusciousness.....I love figs.....this year is the first really good crop I have had since we moved here 7 years ago...the trees have a little size and we had enough rain earlier in the season dogs have discovered them too..they eat them right from the tree and then I find the little stem left there on the tree .. they are very smart and always hungry so when they see me picking something and eating it, they come over and get them some too...even when I am not there...must put fencing around figs and blueberries ... :-) love my dogs.....
these are my favorite kinds of garden food...peas, okra, tomatoes, and FIGS.....I don't even mind the mosquitoes and sweat as I take care of the garden because of the reward....isn't that kinda like life? sometimes it costs a lot but we reap good results....
Supper tonight should be really good....I am a true southern girl.....I will even throw in a little pork tenderloin and cornbread....maybe even iced tea....but no more peaches for a while. I had my fill of them. LOL
This helps me to appreciate the seasons in my life....some are very hot and sweaty but what they produce is outstanding..and delicious..
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