Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Planter or Harvester???

I love to plant flowers and seeds and trees.......and to take pictures of all of it so I can see where I can plant some more.. LOL
Every evening I walk outside and walk around the yard and enjoy the beauty of whatever is blooming...and the dogs usually walk and play around me...Sometimes, especially on date night, I can even get dear hubby to walk with me...it is a good time to take pictures because the lighting is pretty good too.....but for some reason I forgot about picking the garden...
This morning I was watering the garden by hand..it is how I like to do it...and thinking about everything that is growing there and decided to look at the beans a little closer because a chipmunk ran from beneath them as I was watering them and GOOD GRIEF!!! they were loaded with beans that HAD to be picked right then...when did that happen??? and cucumbers and zucchini and yellow squash....WOW! all of a sudden there was a harvest and I wasn't ready.. :-) I laid down the water hose and got busy..a gallon of sweat later, I was done.....I found out something about myself this morning..I am much more of a planter than a harvester...I like to till, plan and plant...seems like I need to be more aware of harvest time...instead of the garden just being a nice backdrop to pictures of the flower garden.....
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  1. Just let me have this baby, and I'll come harvest while you hold the baby. :)