Monday, May 10, 2010

the right perspective

Sometimes we have the way we look at things upside down...LOL I couldn't resist these pictures as illustrations of what I have been thinking about lately..
We need a better perspective about how we see things so turning things around is a better way to do it....

When my children were really young, I knew I had no idea how to raise successful adults.. :-) I started looking for help..and one of the ways I found was to look at successful parents and talk to them..I am talking about parents with GROWN children that had already proven they could do it...actions not words....I talked to a mama that had raised 2 children. one was a doctor and the other was in upper management. she told me that reading to them was probably the most important thing she did....hmmm. I put that into practice and my children, who are grown now, are two of the fastest and best readers that I have ever known..and they are successful adults too...
Something I am seeing is people going to other people to find out how to do something and the other person really does not have the experience to draw from is like going to someone for advice about cooking and they have never cooked a meal in their life..only read about it...there is a vast wasteland of experienced people that are not being utilized by the younger order to really know how to make a home, we need to have made a home...these are the women that can offer help that is helpful.. I think a big part of this is that older women have not made themselves available to younger women..we have been too busy pursuing our own interests and forgetting about this next generation that needs our input..

When I started this blog, it is the main thing I wanted to write about...helping those that are coming along with all the things I have been through and gotten life lessons about. I want to share about WHAT I KNOW not about what I don't know....homemaking , children, marriage, gardening..walking it and not just talking it..these are the things I know....

and another thing is this....we will become like what we behold....if we go to an apple tree and get an apple from it and eat it, we will get nourishment (or a worm) from an APPLE for our don't go to a bitter well and get sweet water....this kinda feels like a rant.. :-)
I am passionate about this...look at the person you are asking for you want to be like them? find someone you want to be like and talk to will be so glad and they will be glad to share with you...Be careful who you listen will end up like them..look for someone with a proven track record not just someone who can talk a good game..

oh, and by the of my children is a midwife and the other is in upper management...I don't think this is a coincidence. :-)
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