Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just be yourself

I have been thinking all week about being real and being fake...when I look at facebook pages, some of the people are fabricating a life they wish they had instead of what their life really is.  I am the same woman no matter what day it is or what situation I am in...sometimes I have to remind myself..Just be yourself...

When my daughter was in the 8th grade....a major identity crisis age..  :-)   she was trying to figure out who she really was....we had a talk that has been fondly (well, from my view) referred to as the apple and oranges talk..I told her about an apple trying to be an orange...the apple is a wonderful fruit and an orange is apple will never become an orange no matter how hard it tries..some people prefer oranges and some people prefer apple tree would look pretty dumb with oranges taped to its branches and saying it was an orange tree.. or wasting its time by longing to be an orange tree.  We are who we are and that is what we can be best..the person we are created to be...It is a waste of a life when we spend it looking at others and wishing we could be them...We can never be them anyway...If we don't become the person..our real self...that person will never be..

This little dog named Maggie is from parents that are show dogs...with huge pedigrees and careful breeding...LOL
she is her true self...she had rather roll around in the mud than anything else...she stays just this dirty most of the time..she eats dirt and flowers and gets in the fish pond almost every day...She is who she is...and she makes me laugh out loud...what a joy..but she is very different from her siblings..

I wanted to watch my children become their true selves...not trying to be anybody else or thinking who they are is less than...It is a challenge to be real when we live in such a fake world...most of the people I come in contact with are trying to be something that they are not...what a waste....Be who you really are...take time to know yourself.....You are the only one that can ever fill that place on this earth..

Be more like Maggie..just be yourself..even if it means getting really dirty every day..

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