Friday, April 16, 2010


WOW!! I thought I would google the word art and I would get a nice little definition and then I would write this post. LOL I did and what I found was a vast array of definitions and many cross references and a lot of ideas and the list went on and on....I decided to go back to the little idea I had at first...the word 'art'...

here is a definition that I think is appropriate..

art- a form of human activity appealing to the imagination,a branch of learning that depends more on special practice than on general principles, some kind of skill or practical application of skill....

A lot of the things I do in everyday life are like this little seedling..if I give expression to the little impression I will get a full grown plant that produces fruit...when that little seedling breaks through the ground I can either take care of it...water, fertilize, weed it...or I can just ignore it and it will get taken over by the weeds or the weather and it will not produce anything worthwhile....It is my job to recognize when a good idea imerges from the ground of my life and then to cultivate it...we are given these choices every day.....I want to recognize these little moments and develop the skill that starts in seed form in my life. I want to embrace the skills that make me a good homemaker and to be happy about the small beginnings.....

Seeds are a miraculous thing. they contain so much life...we all started out that way and grew up...I am a seed planter and over the years I have trained myself by practicing to recognize many things in seed form...especially just when the seedling breaks through the eath..this is when it is most vulnerable....looking for seedlings is really fun...try will be surprised at what you find..The art of homemaking starts out as a little then grows into a real homeplace where there is lots of room for lots of life..
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