Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wonderful Tuesday

As I think back over our married life, it is Tuesday that has the fondest memories.  Our first date was a Tuesday at lunch.  Boy was I ever terrified.  I had not dated in about 25 years.. I had asked a man that I worked with to go to lunch with me at the Taco Stand. I remember on the way to eat I looked over at him and said I don't even know how to talk to a man....We got there and it's a wonder I didn't faint from fear of the unknown..I managed to order a spinach quesadilla and then to eat a few bites.  It is such a clear memory..like yesterday...that was 15 years ago...I CANNOT believe it has been that long...after that lunch, the rest is history..  :-)  We were pretty much inseparable after that.  I was so comfortable with him and felt so adored and loved...and so did he.  .All of that little history is to tell the reason behind.......


We have been dating EVERY Tuesday night for 13 years..our whole married life...even if we are sick, we get take out and have a date....they know us by name at Blockbuster..  LOL  and they laugh at how many movies we have rented...so do I....dating doesn't have to cost very much, but it needs to be regular....we have our favorite Mexican restaurant and they know us too..LOL  I look forward to Tuesday night because I know that no matter what, I get dinner and a movie with my man...and he gets dinner and a movie with his lady..
so, if it is Tuesday, we are on a date...

Another day, I will write about our getting married on a Tuesday as well...
Tuesdays are really my absolute favorite days.

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