Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Autumn Leaves Little 'Pea Bowls'

I keep this little stack of bowls because there are so many memories surrounding them...When I look at them I can almost hear my granddaddy... Pappa...asking my hand him a little bowl for his peas.. and she would hand him one of these little bowls..  This is the pattern she used most often when we ate at her, this is the story of a stack of 'pea bowls'...

I was beginning an annual fall purge of all my china yesterday...Then I ran across this little stack of dishes way back in the corner of my china closet...Every year, it is the I keep them or do I toss them?
I never use them.  They are only for the memory of Pappa and his peas...

The jury is still out on this decision.....  But I thought what a nice way to preserve the memory if I do decide to give them away this year...a tablescape featuring the few pieces I have of this Franciscan china.  The name is perfect for this time of year.  Autumn Leaves ...

It does have great autumn colors, the green, gold, brown, and teal on a creamy background...

I used some teal rattan chargers..another last photograph.....I am needing to make room for other great finds..and these take up a lot of room....

The brown and green more room..say goodbye......but they are pretty with these dishes....

One thing I am surely keeping ...this monogram pattern..It was a practice run but it is really nice...How do you like it?  I am thinking some linen napkins with this G would be pretty...

Yes, the stack of 'pea bowls'......Maybe you will be happy to know that after all of this writing, I decided to keep these little bowls....after all, they don't really take up that much room....maybe I will keep these brown plates too...but the chargers and the glasses can go...There, I feel better now that I have made some good decisions about what to purge.  LOL

Do any of you do this too?  I mean go through your dishes and decide to donate some that you are tired of or never use anymore?  I believe that this keeps the tablescaping and thrifting fluid....That if I want to keep finding good things at the thrift stores, I must give into that pool sometimes....I used to be in the habit of donating much more often than I do now.. So, I encourage you..for every set of dishes you find, donate back something...anything...There is no way I could ever keep all of the dishes and glasses that I buy from the thrift stores...It is a good hobby...See what you can find, do a tablescape, take some beautiful pictures, then give it away..or at least some of it...

Now I am going to eat lunch...I have some leftover peas from last night and I know just the perfect little bowl to use....

Thank you for stopping by today...

Love, Mona

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  1. Yes, one year I decided to get rid of all those bowls. I have regretted it ever since. Perhaps you just need an old china cabinet in the basement, shed, garage or attic to hold the overflow. I have read that you tablescapers need lots of storage! I am tickled that you are saving the sweet little "pea" dishes. those are the meaningful ones to save.

  2. Rethink the glasses they are great and will add to tables long into the future. They appear to be American made and most American glass makers have shut down.

  3. I'm so glad you decided to keep the special dishes! I was so relieved when I read that you changed your mind!! I have been working on letting go too--the purge feels good but sometimes it is hard! Your table is so very warm and peaceful. Linda

  4. Mona, I definitely try to purge things now and then. I have to for lack of space. One trick I use for storing bulky place mats is to put them in a shopping bag, hang the handle over a clothes hanger and then hang them in a guest room closet.
    Glad you are keeping the little stack of pea bowls. I'd use them each fall. ~ Sarah

  5. I love the memories that you share, dear Mona! The pea bowls are a wonderful treasure and I'm glad you kept them. The Franciscan dishes are so pretty. I'll bet you felt better after you purged. I do love the monogrammed piece... Great job!! xo

  6. Mona, you can't get rid of those chargers...they are such a gorgeous shade of teal! Wish I lived near wherever you donate them. Loved the story of the pea dishes...happy to hear you will be saving them.
    Have a great week...

  7. I love those autumn leaf dishes...beautiful! I try to purge occasionally also, and it is so hard...

  8. Mona, your tablescapes and photos are so lovely. I'm so glad you decided to keep the pea bowls! They are so appropriate for fall ...and what memories! I have many little things that hold precious memories of my mom that I just won't get rid of....lovely post!!

  9. I am pleased that you are keeping your little bowls – I think your granddaughter might like to have them some day. I don’t have much china from my parents as they lived in France, but my mother gave me her crystal which I carried in a bag on the plane and luckily nothing broke. I also have 6 little dessert plates that are gold with violet pansies on them – I use them for display only though. You always have the most elegant dish presentation – always in agreement with the season.

  10. I love those small bowls. I have some Fiesta one's and I use them all the time. Your table is so pretty! I've been doing some major purging since moving to a smaller home. It's been great and while I've done one big purge of dishes I'm hoping to donate more. Yesterday I went through napkins and napkin rings. I believe in the Karma of donating and then finding new things. This is my first visit to your blog, but I will be back for sure!

  11. Beautiful table. Save the glasses! :-)

  12. Oh you should keep them, Mona. They are lovely but nothing can beat the beautiful memories....Christine

  13. I love those dishes...lots of memories! And if you do decide to purge the bowls, well, they are a good side for side dishes for my family. We're using less and less plastic except for the baby. So you know they'd go to a good home. ;)

  14. I am so glad you saved those "pea bowls". Whatever you would buy to take up the space they now use, would never bring the warmth of the memories those bowls bring to you, even if it's only every few years that you find them and relive the family stories. I love this post!

  15. Lovely story Mona. So sweet and a pretty table.

    I think you should keep the glasses too. They will work with so many things.

  16. I agree with Rosie ~ hang on to those pea bowls! I agree that there are times when we need to purge, but if you have special memories of your granddaddy when you see those bowls then keep them. Purge something else. Fond memories are priceless. Of course this is coming from a really sappy and overly nostalgic girl.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  17. Those bowl are PERFECT for fall, they go with all the natural colors. I think my Grandma had some of these.

  18. Such wonderful memories and such a beautiful softly colored table. Thank you for bringing this to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  19. My mother had those dishes when I was a small child -- they were our everyday china. Mother and daddy are much older now and are alive and well, but I haven't seen that Franciscan pattern in many years. Thank you for sharing your memories of the pea bowls!

  20. When I redid my kitchen I went through a serious purge - it is so hard - especially since there may be some sentiment to pieces - I pass them along as best as I can! Gorgeous photos! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,