Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Little Happy Place

Today I thought I would just post a few happy pretty pictures...I am an avid anyone who knows me will agree......:-)  I come by this Grandmother had a house...a HUGE house packed full of her collections..we all have the things we enjoy..that make us smile..that is what collections are about..happy make us smile...just as long as they don't own your heart..they need to be held with an open hand..then they are just fine to ENJOY!!!!

One of my favorite is colored glass and china...I have it all over my are just a few glimpses and I hope they make you smile..they remind me of my Grandmother...she had blue glass bottles in her breakfast room never know what will make an impact on a little mind or here's to you Grandmother Lewis..I am carrying on the collector gene.....
family room window shelf

my beloved colored dishes..well, some of them

everyday glassware
I hope you add a little color to your life today...we are not meant to just live a beige life. :-)  get some color in will make you smile....and lift your mood....

thank you for reading along today and sharing in my home with me.......see you soon.....

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  1. I always think of you when I see colored glass. I remember seeing it in your kitchen window and thinking, "WOW!" and I've been into it ever since. So simple and so beautiful!

  2. I am very opposed to beige myself. The glass in the window is delightful. ♥olive

  3. Your blue glass is beautiful and I love your Ballerina dishes collection, too! Such gorgeous and happy colors!

  4. Love your blue glass on your window sill. Since blue is my favorite color I am naturally drawn to it. I agree about beige. I have to have color.

  5. My Mie-Mie also
    loved blue glass
    bottles, so I know
    exactly what you
    mean about little
    minds and impressions!
    Love how that sun
    shines through your
    colored glass. I'm
    so happy that you
    joined my collector's fun to
    peek into your window
    and see that lovely
    blue glass reflecting
    back at me!
    xx Suzanne