Friday, June 24, 2011

Cucumbers like kudzu...


While I have been doing nothing this week and trying to get well, my garden took NO REST and just kept right on producing as if nothing was any different.....nature has a way of doing that, doesn't it? 

I have had a lot of time to ponder that...I was raised thinking that my feelings had everything to do with life and all that it involves....but that has been proven once again this week that it is not  really  the truth....I have felt bad and haven't felt like doing anything...but.... my garden kept right on growing and you see, my feelings had nothing to do with the outcome...

I think there is a lot of life like this...we think it is all about our feelings when in reality, it has NOTHING to do with what we are's funny to me how we learn things growing up and then think they are the gospel just because we believe them..then comes the day of reckoning when we have a revelation of what is TRUE.....this week has been all about that...I have learned this from my garden......I felt bad and it felt good..and guess who won out????
my feelings had not one single thing to do with how this harvest turned out...I had put in the work earlier in the season and thankfully that is paying off now regardless of how I feel about it. 

I hope this gives you something to ponder...about life..about our feelings...about how they do not rule the world..and it is a good thing they don't....there are principles in our lives that we cannot feel our way out of.....I think all of this points to a life of that is not dependent on me, but on HIM...He kept the world together this week even when I didn't feel like it was happening....that gives me comfort knowing that it doesn't depend on how I feel .......I hope these ramblings make sense...give me your thoughts on the matter....
when I went outside this morning, my garden has never been more beautiful and productive than it is this year...and I am serious, my cucumbers are growing like kudzu...

first tomatoes

my pea patch

gift from Nancy

okra blooms

glorified ditch lily

red crepe myrtle buds
thank you so much for stopping by this morning....isn't it a good thing that the world does not revolve around our feelings?  faith in God is a much better way to live life....I hope your weekend is filled with summer fun...

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