Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Collecting What You Love

Ahhh  the golden hues of fall...  I have these cream soups that I thought would be perfect for a bowl of grits..

With the morning sun streaming through the window, it makes for a great spot for breakfast...

Since the time change and the leaves falling off of the trees, it is getting brighter earlier in our family room..

I used green Lenox chargers, Royal Orchard by Noritake for plates, then layered the amber glass plates and the topper is a saucer with cream soup bowl..Savoy..Castleton China..

I filled a compote with these fabric balls  from a few years ago...

I won't give you a lot of memories for this table..well, maybe one...LOL  This dried corn bundle came from my Mama a long time ago.  I have cared for it and it has lasted for well over 10 years. I know...amazing.. 

Oh well, one more...see that orange marbleized pitcher?  As I was leaving my Daddy's house for the last time, it caught my eye..we were already packed up with all that we could carry..  I saw this little pitcher sitting on his art table holding fake I took them out and brought this home...My grandmother painted it..she was way before her time with artistic ventures..I have heard stories about her using oil paint drizzled onto a washtub of water..dipping things in the water and paint to make these spectacular marbleized pieces...I am so happy that I have one of them...She was so very creative and not afraid to experiment with anything..  I would love to have a conversation with her now...

It wasn't until after I looked at the pictures..I promise this is true...that I realized I had brought a lamp that I have loved with NO place to use it for years, and placed it on this table right next to the marbleized pitcher..and the lampshade goes so beautifully with it....I am a firm believer in this way of decorating..

Buy or collect what you love and it will all go together..

This is a true example of that philosophy...the lamp, the fabric balls, the turkeys, the Thanksgiving cactus, the pitcher.....they all just happened to end up on this table and they all go together so well that I wrote this post about them.....after I found some dishes to coordinate with them....

So glad you came for a visit...I love, love, love reading your comments and try to visit each and every one of you...tell me if you follow me and I will follow you too...all y'all stay warm in the freezing south...


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  1. what amazing photos! the sunlight is gorgeous! and so is your table! :)

  2. I have to agree, amazing photos and table! You have the perfect light for using the amber plates...they are like sparkling topaz on your table. Love the cream soup bowls...have quite a few, but they are hard to store. Those fabric balls are great, did you make them?
    Have a wonderful week, Mona.

    1. Yes, Marigene I did make those balls..they were fun but a little time consuming....

  3. It was lovely to scroll through your post. I enjoyed the light in your photos. I'm a proponent of buying things because you like them and seeing how things will come together. The fabric balls are fun! Coming here from Let's Dish ~ The Happy Wonderer

  4. Beautiful table!! I love your china pieces and how you have used them. Very stunning!

    Jocelyn @

  5. Beautiful...I love the play of light streaming in...

  6. Mona, I always love to read your posts that contain memories of your family! I know you and your grandmother would have the best time together now! Isn't it a shame that we lose our grandparents, before we have know what to ask them. It is such a shame! Love your table - so pretty!!

  7. Oh Mona, yes it all goes so well together, which does prove your point. The art work pitcher of your grandmother's is stunning! The lampshade IS perfect with it. Those fabric balls are adorable. Your photos always have a romantic quality to them and I love seeing them along with hearing of your treasured memories. xo

  8. I just came to the end of this post..and was startled. You even end your posts like I do mine. :) Like you I love homemaking, gardening and just playing with my house...always a project. Always! It's funny I have have never run into you before.. glad I did now though. We seem to have more in common than just our name. No longer in business. My husband finally sold his business about ten years go and we are now coasting. Lovin' life..struggling, but that is part of it.
    I loved those fabric balls...they are GREAT!

  9. Such a sweet thought wishing you could talk to your grandmother! I wish I could talk to mine again also, as well as my mother! I was thinking yesterday about so many things I did not know that I wish I could ask about. Even if someone in your family is alive they may not remember because of Alzheimers. I am going to try to ask as many questions as I can about family especially because you never know when things will change.

    On a more pleasant note, I love your double handled cream soup bowls and the shape of the cream and sugar are so pretty. Your lighting is wonderful. Great story about your marblized vase and lamp. It is beautiful on your table. I love your turkeys in the background too.

  10. What a pretty table and the lighting is wonderful. I love the soup dishes! So lovely.

  11. What a lovely tablescape. Your fabric balls remind me of artichokes - they're adorable. Your grandmother's pitcher is very pretty. It's easy to see that you've inherited her talents. You did a beautiful job of combining everything together - just lovely.

  12. Hello - I popped over here from BNOTP to see your tablescape - it is lovely! And I love the sweet story about your creative grandmother's pitcher and the lampshade :)

  13. Beautiful photos! The sunlight makes the whole post. I love the pitcher, fabric balls and lamp. Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings My Friend,

  14. The story of the pitcher is so sweet. I buy what I love too. If someone thinks my somewhat cluttered house strange so what?

  15. Elegant your table and so is your photography.
    Love those beautiful elements.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  16. So pretty, the bowls are so elegant and delicate looking~the sunlight streaming around your favorite things has brightened my morning! The fabric balls look like plaid artichokes~

  17. Mona,

    It is evident from your precious and beloved accessories that once graced the houses of your relatives, to your own creative vignettes and bought treasures, that decorating from the heart is an inherited family trait. What a sweet collection of all things lovely.


  18. Such beautiful light...that first photo is magazine worthy. I think that there may be many wonderful memories around that table. I liked the story of your Indian corn.

  19. Beautiful photos. I love your fabric flowers - they remind me of artichokes.

  20. Mona, your cream soups are gorgeous. I think they are one of my favorite forms for dishes. Love the little handles. Your details are all perfect. Love the paisley and the fabric of the balls. This is all a lovely setting!

  21. Such an amazing the sunlight and shadows. I especially loved the story about your pitcher....


  22. Your table is so pretty. It's wonderful to have pieces with special meaning to set your table. Love the fabric balls. They remind me of artichokes.

  23. I love what you collect. Those fabric ball are wonderful.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  24. Beautiful place setting! Love the way the lamp and pitcher came together.

  25. Beautiful post, charming fabric balls - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,