Friday, August 16, 2013

Get Your Walking Shoes

Everything in my garden starts to wind down at the end of the summer...except the weeds. I think they get a kickstart from the heat and humidity and the absence of the main gardener (that would be me).  I tend to grow tired of it and visit the garden less and less in late summer..  My heart starts turning towards the fall and cooler weather and less vegetables, more apples.  I am a woman torn between two seasons....that should be a song.  LOL

There is still a lot of beauty out there...Come, let's take a walk around and I will show you.. The red crepe myrtle is outstanding.  and looks different at different times of day because of the light....

The spiders are very busy this time of year.  There are webs all over the yard.  I like them as long as I do not walk into one and it gets on my face and then I go absolutely mad like a crazy wild woman.  You would think  I would calmly brush it of...but NO!!

I did catch this dance of the butterfly on Miss Huff lantana.  It is a real butterfly magnet.

Here is my much loved Deodar cedar with hundreds of little cones.  more than I have ever seen on it...

And now, a little story about my teeny tiny fig tree growing in a pot...This year, my fig tree has about 6 figs total.  I was so proud of this pretty ripe little fig that I took pictures when I first went into the yard early morning.  It was perfect.  I have had 3 fig trees since we bought this house and they have all died.  I do not know why so this fig tree is living in a pot until I can figure out a safe place to plant it..Did I mention that figs are one of my favorite fruits?  Well, later in the day I was in my kitchen and saw these little friends on the deck.....

Who me???????   Whaaat????    and I remembered my perfect little fig that I had photographed and forgotten to, I ran out there to get it..close to my back door.   and the birds had found it first..only a tiny piece of it was hanging on the tree with ants all over it!!!!  ARGHHHH    something about fruit in due season and the harvest not waiting when it is ripe......and making hay while the sun shines...  and all those wonderful sayings started going through my I learned my lesson and the next morning..well, you guessed it....they got my one ripe fig again..... Oh the woes of a fig farmer...  Thankfully a sweet cousin of my husband's has a fig tree that is ancient and full and heavy with figs and has generously offered me the fruit...whew!  so this time next week I should be a happy fig farmer even if they were from someone else's tree...

One more tiny thing.. Lately I have felt as tired as my garden looks, BUT........

Hope springs eternal in a gardener's heart...see my little tomato blooming?  when my tomato crop was a dismal failure..nada, zilch... Dear husband bought me a new plant and I am watching it diligently from my kitchen window..when all else fails, TRY AGAIN!!!!!  never give up!  not ever!!

Keep an eye on your harvest and pick it as soon as it gets does not wait for anyone...the birds of the air will steal it from you if you let them......

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  1. Oh my gosh, Mona, I just saw a purplish crepe myrtle tree at the park today, but I've never seen a red one. This is beautiful! I keep trying to get the butterfly, but they fly away too quickly. There's nothing like home grown tomatoes, is there? I do hope your plant does well this year. I am enjoying seeing pictures of your garden, Mona. You are getting quite talented with the camera, my friend. Your pictures have been gorgeous lately.


  2. What a gorgeous garden Mona, with the red crepemyrtle, flowers, butterflies, tomatoes,!!! I specially love the butterfly photo, you are talented too! Enjoy your weekend last summer days in your lovely garden.

  3. Hi Mona! I'm so glad you came by! I often forget to even check if someone has a blog! I have had an odd summer garden. Just starting to pick in mid-August???? Never! I, like you have not picked a tomato. Last year at this time, hundreds, literally. Your crepe myrtle is lovely. I don't think we can grow those here. So glad you visited, come again.

  4. Lovely post and pictures especially the red crepe myrtle - gorgeous. Have a good weekend.

  5. I become torn around this time of year as well! Isn't that funny how that works??!?! Your garden has so much magic happening still! I love your photos of your Crepe Myrtle! Its color is outstanding!!! And oh those rascals!!! I have some friends who like to pick and eat without asking as well! They just sit in the tree and watch me have a fit as they eat my crops! Have a great weekend!!!

  6. Hi Mona,

    I always feel a sense of calm when I visit your beautiful blog. From your pretty photos, capturing nature in all its glory (and sometimes, capturing the main characters red-handed!;)), to your wonderful narrative, I always leave smiling! You live in charming surroundings!


    PS: Thanks for pinning my pics!

  7. I know exactly how you feel Mona. I am tired of watching the birds eat my tomatoes and berries. I feed them so you would think they would leave my stuff alone, not a chance. I cut my peach tree down because they didn't even wait for the fruit to get ripe would start pecking the green fruit.
    Your red crepe myrtle is stunning, I have never seen a red one.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Oh, Mona! We had the best pear tree, when we lived in Milledgeville and never go a single ripe pear off of it. However, the squirrels fed many, many families from it. Just the thought of gardening in the heat makes me tired, but I love seeing the fruits (and flowers) of your labor!!

  9. Hello Mona, your garden pictures are marvelous - love the red Crape Myrtle - we have various shades of pink and white - would LOVE red! I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday - I appreciate you sharing,