Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Different Light

Have you ever thought of the saying 'seeing things in a different light'?  The more I learn about photography, the more I learn that it has a lot to do with the light.  There are so many settings to adjust to the light and so many different ways to catch the light of the times of day...It has so much to do with how we see the light too... I was finishing up the supper dishes when I saw this light on our grass.....I HAD to capture it.  or try to anyway.....

Here are a few minutes of the light as I saw it...all from the same spot over about 2 minutes...

Are there some things in our lives that we need to see in a different light?  to listen to someone's input?  to change our long madeup minds?  to examine a little closer? 

I know that as I get older, sometimes it is easier to listen to what others  have to say even when I have made up my mind about a matter....

I believe it is wisdom to learn to listen.  and be willing to be wrong about something that we are just certain we are right about..just a little food for thought today.

I have been trying to decide on the BEST smartphone to buy to replace mine and had made up my mind...but, because I listened to my son, I did a little research and changed my mind.....
I think there are lots of life issues where we need to open up a little bit (humble ourselves....ouch) and LISTEN!

Light surely changes things quickly.......so, let some light in today....

Are you ready for shedding some new light in your life??

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  1. Light is a fascinating topic both literally and figuratively. We use an expression often in our family...more light; less heat.

  2. Amazing photos. Stunning. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty