Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Learning new things

off and running

 For the very first time ever I am able to write my blog from my sunny family room..what a joy..I have spent the last day and a half trying to learn about my new laptop..getting it personalized, etc...I have to admit that my email account has got me completely baffled...I am thinking I will have to switch to a more friendly format...but this is very fun because I have the end goal in mind.  I am not tied down to the big desktop computer in our business office..that makes me happy..now if I can just figure out how to get my pictures where I want them.....LOL

how it all began

Maggie and Bo were scheming

picking on Jake

but Jake is fast and has Maggie on the run..LOL
 This is how I feel today..waiting to be up and running....at least I got a blog with pictures written and posted..that, my friend is progress.....

thank you for stopping by today.

.please come again soon..



  1. I just love the versatility of my laptop. It goes everywhere with me - lol :)

  2. Hi Mona, you will love your lap top once you get used to it. You are now on my blogroll. Thanks for telling me. xo, olive