Friday, September 21, 2012


When we plant a seed...the plant stays true to what is inside of that seed......and the amount of seeds contained in what grows will be greatly multipled...

This spring I planted a row of Fordhook Limas....only ONE seed came I looked at this pitiful little failed row of lima beans I debated about whether I should just pull it up or let it grow....the growing won..and it grew and grew and grew...and from that one little  BIG seed, a vine grew and produced a crop of lima beans..enough for a good helping, or mess..that is how we talk in the South...

 All of these came from ONE seed...  a seed sown will multiply..and give back to you what you have planted...

In this country, I think we have forgotten this..we have started to believe that we can plant any kind of seeds we want to and they will become any kind of harvest that we SAY they will become.....that is simply not true....

what we plant is what we will reap......

If we plant this
 we will get this

I am concerned that we have become a people that think that 

if we plant this

we will get this

That just very simply is a LIE that we have begun to believe as the TRUTH

The truth is this.........we will reap what we sow...

as individuals, as a city, as a country..

We need to think about and be more careful to consider what kind of seeds we are planting.

just one seed can become a full blown harvest in a very short time..some seeds take a very long time to germinate and grow.  But they will grow, true to the seed planted.

This lima bean seed was planted and grown and harvested in just a few months..

this Deodar Cedar tree was grown from seed too..I had to do a lot to get the seed to germinate and it has been growing for about 6-7 years..

 But in about 10 years, it will be as stately as this can barely see the baby one peeking out from behind the red roses....

Yes, seed planting......

IMPORTANT to watch over what seeds we plant..and not be deceived by thinking we can change the nature of the seed by wishing it so..

most things start out really small..and GROW..good or bad..we will reap a harvest...

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  1. What a wonderful post! So very true. I fear we don't stop to think about this nearly enough.

    Your cedar tree is so pretty... Just glows! You must be so proud!

  2. Mona, this is a wonderful post! Truer words have never been spoken and you have illustrated this so very well.