Thursday, July 19, 2012



POV...what is this???   point of view.....

We have been watching the Next Food Network Star..which I love.....we get to know the people and this year I have a definite favorite....I have noticed that the ones to go first are the ones who do not know who they are...the judges continually say to them...what is your POV????   you have to have that to make it believable..and be who you are........

so, I have been thinking about that and how it applies to would think I would really KNOW my POV by this time in my life....maybe I am just in need of tweaking it..refining and condensing it....less is more kind of thing........



These pictures certainly fit within my POV....homemaking......and everything it takes to make a life worth living....

God....He makes it all

family......a husband that is a perfect fit for me.....children..awesome to me

home.....where it all begins



I have tried and tried to narrow my is just not possible...I can't do it all but there is a lot that I truly enjoy doing..I certainly do NOT want to be a jack of all trades and the master of none.....I want to live my life with excellence...there are many, many things that you all do so much better than me.....but the one thing I can do better than anybody else is BE ME....fill the space that Mona lives that is what I will if I can just figure out what that consists of.......

from Pinterest

This crepe myrtle is an old one.....and the blooms are the palest pink, almost white....Bryan said yesterday it looks like cotton candy...and yes, it does.....I am not sure I have ever seen another one this color so I hope you enjoy.

flower gardening

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  1. Crepe Myrtles are just a terribly good part of our hot southern summers. We have two pale lavender ones. This one is pretty.