Thursday, March 1, 2012

My nature circle

This is one of my favorite plants in my I say that about lots of them?  oh, well...for right is true.

This very fern has grown in my Grandmother's homeplace...Elistonia Gardens...that is the origin of this particular planting.  another  big terracotta pot of this fern came from Mama's.....My other grandmother..Mamama had a pretty big area around her patio where she grew FULL sun...I don't know how it survived there in the hot south Georgia sun, but it did....I have some of that one too...Over the last few years, it has really multiplied in this semi shade garden under our huge oak tree near our deck....maybe it is happy here...  It is so easy and so beautiful to cut and put in flower arrangements..  it's the same fern that florists sell....I have no idea where to buy it..maybe it is just a passalong plant....surely it has been passed along in my family amongst the women..

Here is another critter in my garden....and I say critter because a ladybug BIT me hurt for about 10 minutes...maybe it was mad because it is so warm so early in the season...I did not know they would bite like that!!

Yesterday, I dug some Jerusalem artichokes and cooked them for supper along with cauliflower...they are much bigger than in past years and easier to clean...raw, they have a nice crunch and sweetness to them...cooked, they are kinda like a potato...still experimenting with them and learning to like them...I have so many growing now..


SEEDS.......glorious seeds!!!!!!
these are Hakurei turnips...a flat, white turnip that is quite easy to grow..Betsy found them at a farmer's market a couple of years ago and told me about them..  she usually gets what I grow here....I still love to grow what others like.....

The rosemary, oh, the just blooms and blooms this time of year...and the BLUE is striking on this variety....

and just one faithful baby......always by my side, looking up at me..directly into my eyes..what a sweetheart he is....

After all of this, I am going to sit right here and rest a spell...hahaha..sounds like an old lady, doesn't it??

I got a little frustrated this morning when I realized just how out of shape I am...tried to lift a thousand pound bale of wet peat was a sight to see...quite comical..twisting and turning and trying to get some leverage and the garden cart kept scooting away from me each time I thought I had the bale on it good enough to lift it..I finally gave up after huffing and puffing for a, it is sitting on the edge of the driveway right next to the cart and waits for some help from my dear husband. when he gets home this afternoon....

The adventures in gardening have certainly begun around here....I LOVE this time of year...

thank you for stopping by today....happy gardening...

                                                                 Mona   ...


  1. Wish I lived close enough to be invited for dinner!! I know good things will be growing soon in your garden.

  2. I love gardening too! Very cute blog. New Follower.


  3. It looks great! Can't wait for turnips. :)

  4. I know what you mean about being out of shape, after cutting grass with the push mower yesterday I am sore. I also trimmed monkey grass and picked up sticks. I grow only flowers here but really should get into veggies however the deer would be a big fight. Oh I did grow an enormous amount of sweet basil you would have enjoyed last summer-gave tons of it away. I am so thankful for these good rains we have had-do not wish to loose any more trees or plants to drought. thanks for your comment about the series it means a lot, olive