Thursday, June 30, 2011

Food, food, food..on pretty dishes

When I set our table, usually the first thing I think about are the flowers..what will look the best with the plates and the food.....I bought these dishes at the Potter's House a few weeks ago and have been saving them for just the right time...they look like summer and grilled chicken needs to go on that plate.    so off I went to find the flowers..
I don't ususally use any blue, but this time is an exception...and I have just the perfect salvia...
and then this bright orange daylily, and the terra cotta yarrow.....and of course, some Miss Huff lantana......and the colors in the plates and the flowers looked just right....
flowers from my garden

salad from my garden
yum yum

this also gave me a chance to use the Fiesta ware chop plate that I reminds me of my Grandmother..she had an entire set of these beautifully colored dishes...which my parents sold at an auction..but that's another story for another time....I am happy with my few pieces of Fiesta....

so I pulled together this table from pieces I have bought from thrift stores over time....the lace placemats, the blue pottery pitcher, the silverplate place settings, the linen napkins, the candle holders, the water glasses, the plates, bowls, and chop plate, even the table and the chairs  (bought separately at different times)..all of these things have been bought at thrift stores and you wouldn't even believe how little I have spent on all of it.  I am spoiled because I have learned a way of life...that costs pennies on the dollar..I am serious...I think maybe it is time to reveal some of my secrets of how to live really well on one income and furnish your home to reflect your very own personality...all done while living within our is possible to do live debt free....that is what we have chosen to do...and this table is just one example of this lifestyle.....isn't it pretty?  and it fits us very well...

thank you for reading along today...and for being my cyber's a good community to be a part of...
until next time, look around your house and see what you already have and learn to use it in a different way.....we can all be debt free if we try....

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  1. Gorgeous plates...beautiful flowers!

  2. Mona - I love your plates and everything else. One of my favorite places to shop is Goodwill. You would never believe the things that I have found there! Please keep inspiring us!

  3. Lovely tablescape and flowers! I just love the color combinations, the placemats, and the dishes. The food looks great, too, and you are so right about living within our means. Have a wonderful holiday!