Thursday, June 9, 2011

Down in the Valley

down in the valley

Whenever I am in this part of my yard and I look down at my garden, I suddenly realize that our land is not flat.  that it is gently rolling.  I smile to myself because I did NOT know it was hilly until AFTER we bought our homeplace..  LOL  I know..strange, right?  it was quite overgrown and it wasn't easy to see the layout of the land so it was just an added bonus when it became clear to me that I had a garden down in the valley.....

I used to go  to the mountains every year with my parents and they were forever looking for a place to buy...I would dream along with them and ALWAYS point out the little farms that had a garden area in a valley..THAT is where I wanted to live and, when I look at this view of my garden, I realize that God has His way of answering even the smallest little detail of our desires when we live a life that is pleasing to Him...I am so so thankful for this little piece of land that we call Winterpast..that we have made our home never ceases to bring me pleasure....and this song seemed just perfect for this view....I do indeed have a garden spot 'down in the valley'...and I know He loves me and gives good gifts to His girls...

wedding band

even the cicadias like daylilies

gift from my brother Dana

sunflower bud

place of rest
I am grateful for my make it worthwhile to put words down on paper so to speak....thank you for reading along this morning..I hope this puts a melody in your heart..

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