Monday, April 18, 2011

Random thoughts

Here is our official birthday picture for 2011...Bryan, Me, Mike...we have now all celebrated our birthdays with an awesome cake...and a fun get together...lots of children running around and eating many, many cupcakes.

Bryan, me, Mike

Spanish Lemon cake
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After the planning from last week and the putting away of all the party things and cleaning up..I was a little tired but I love doing it and will do it again as soon as there is an occasion....or just a random day to get together....

That is like my mind this morning...just so very random that I can hardly keep up with is 10 a.m. and I have walked the yard with the dogs, planned a new bed for irises, checked on the garden, taken something from the freezer for supper..decided to pick the garden..lettuce and broccoli and have that for supper with grilled chicken....gone to the barn and counted the bags of potting soil...decided this is the day for planting seeds...checked to see if Roundup worked where I sprayed last week. found a box in the barn filled with pink melmac dishes that I bought several years ago for Bryan's daughter to play the bowls..24 of them and little plates and brought them inside to wash and have a little tea party with them....random, I tell you....complete randomness today....then decided to just sit down and write a blog...about all of this running through my mind..maybe I will get my camera and take some new pictures and then get out the potting soil and pots and seeds and finally start them..then go to Thyme After Thyme and buy a tomato plant or two and plant them in the is that for a totally random day?? maybe tomorrow will be more organized, but I seriously doubt is spring and there are a million things to do...and I will think about the farmers and their contribution to us all the while that I am doing this..
thank you for reading my ramblings this morning...

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