Tuesday, April 12, 2011


 I am in  love with these little shrimp cocktail dishes...they have a liner so you can fill the bowl with ice and put the salad in the inset...just LOVE them..they were my mama's and one of my treasures.  :-)   BUT  Bryan doesn't really like seafood..I know, I know.....so I used them for an asparagus and tomato salad....it turned out pretty, I think and I got to use the bowls..win, win..

Pewter was another must have on the table...and it took me ALL AFTERNOON searching high and low before I found these perfect little plates that I had stored in the barn among the Christmas boxes...LOL  seriously I spent WAY TOO MUCH time hunting them down..and I gave up on them...right before supper, one more place came to my mind and voila' there they were..Bryan said he would have never missed them but I knew they would make the table !!

He was a happy man..said it was the best birthday so far.....I am glad to make a home where we can celebrate birthdays and celebrate life together...it is a choice and a joy to make Bryan's day as special as he is to me..
 could not believe that the best asparagus I found was at Earthfare and most reasonable price too...
the grand finale......a store bought lemon pie....yes, that's right....I bought the pie..but it tastes as good as homemade....LOL  now you know some of my secrets, buy desserts instead of making them!  Edwards pies are really good..

so now you have visited our birthday celebration for Bryan......thank you for reading along here...it means a lot to me...a real encouragement that you care enough to give me a few minutes of your time...I hope your home is a place where life is celebrated....


  1. Looks wonderful! Happy birthday Bryan!

  2. Well, he certainly looks happy!! Beautiful table, Mona - I am glad that you found the pewter plates - they are gorgeous!!

  3. Beautiful! You have such a good eye ... everything was present perfectly. Glad y'all had a good time :)