Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time to plan

The food was the main attraction the year this was and red was the theme.  we had shrimp, smoked oysters, and of course chocolate dipped strawberries.....

this must be the year that Tula graced our table. sitting across from Bryan while I am standing up.....what is wrong with this picture????? wonder if I should be worried about her place in Bryan's heart??!! LOL

There isn't much food on the table the year I took this one.....but the hearts and flowers are pretty

I am thinking of ways to make the day special...looking at what I have done before and pondering something a little different and creative.....
We always have chocolate dipped strawberries that I make....and we will go from there..that is the basis for the menu and I build around that...It's fun to decorate for Valentine's Day..hope you can find a little redness to put up around your house....a little heart, a red flower, a red bowl...anything will do...just add it to your home to remind us of the day of love....Give it a little thought and you can make this day special for you and yours's a good day to be thankful for your marriage if you have one.....
thank you for joining me today.....we are going to focus on happy things for a while....LOL
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