Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Trails To You & Potato Soup

Every time I hear this theme song, I think of potato soup...I can remember it like it was yesterday....the apartment we lived in was warm and it was COLD outside and my Mama was calling me to the Roy Rogers show ended....I can even remember how the soup smelled that evening....It's amazing what we do as mamas, not even thinking..just normal life..that makes a memory stick in our child's heart for more than 50 years....I think it was the scene being surrounded by music that made such an impression on me.....I loved to hear Roy Rogers and Dale Evans was my favorite show...

One of my very favorite things about my computer when I first learned how to use email was the quick short emails between me and my Mama...I would always tell her I am making potato soup and thinking about you....these short little emails were a constant between us....and I miss that.....but I still have the memories....and I know how to make really good potato soup. :-)

So, since I am making potato soup tonight, I needed to share it with someone...and I picked you..thank you for reading along and give the song a few is a good song....

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