Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christams greenery

wreath of fresh greenery from my yard, hung on my Grandmother's hutch
smilax on the chandelier

smilax..sideboard needs more arranging


Every year when I start to gather greenery to put in the house for Christmas...I begin to smile because of this little story I am going to tell you..

When I was first married and all grown up...yeah, right...hahaha..well, anyway..
I wanted to decorate my own house as I had seen my Mama do for all those years..I knew there was an annual trip to the woods to gather smilax..an evergreen vine that is beautiful green and shiny and curvy and just perfect for swags and wrapping around things...you just had to have it in decorating or so I thought...I asked my Daddy how could I tell what was smilax when I got in the woods and started looking for it...His answer to me was classic...

"You'll know it when you see it"

no description of how it grew or where it was or even how to find it...just you'll know it when you see it..
True to form, as soon as I started to gather it yesterday, I started to smile at the advice from my Daddy that has turned out to be a real word of wisdom for me...it kinda sums up my life...as I pondered these words, I realized it describes me much better than I ever realized....most things I know when I see...can't describe it, can't tell you about it, hardly even know what I am looking for BUT....I will know it when I see it....LOL

I can't help but smile this morning as I write about this..My Daddy knew me better than I knew myself..
and most of the time, I really DO know it when I see it..

thank you Daddy for your words to me..they set the course of my life..

Merry Christmas to all of you.
thank you for reading.
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