Friday, November 1, 2013

Revisiting November

I found this blog post written 3 years ago....I am so thankful that my blogging has evolved and improved...and surprised at how some things have NOT changed...I still love November.....

Getting a new camera is probably one of the best things I have done for this blog......enjoy this 'vintage' hidden art of homemaking.......

Wow!  November
November 1, 2010

This month is HUGE around our house.....
my favorite holiday..Thanksgiving happens....and another thing or two happens stepdaughter turns 18, this is the month my divorce started, my parents eloped in 1948 during this month, I decided to marry Bryan during this month....I moved to a little island off the Georgia coast to live for 5 years, and I made a trip to Mississippi to see where Bryan had lived during this month...

falling leaves, life history, warm fires, turkey and dressing, sewing projects..cooler weather..and FROST...bringing an end to the growing season for this year....

yes, I love November..bad things have tried to remove the fondness I have for this month but they have NOT succeeded.
November I will always love you..the very best thing happened to me during your days....I was released form something that was not good for me and was given something that changed my life for the good...

I learned that you have to let go of the bad BEFORE you are given the good...can't hold them both at one at this time of year I am so thankful for my divorce even though I thought it was the end of the world... it was NOT..and I am thankful that a few years later in the very same month, I decided to marry Bryan.....
all in all a VERY GOOD MONTH for this family......

vintage photo..

Thank you for stopping by today..and HAPPY November....I am so glad to get done with all of the hoopla of the last month....Now on to something much more sane...being thankful..

I am very thankful for my Canon Rebel.

Love, Mona


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  2. Mona,
    It sounds like this will be a busy month for you. It's interesting to hear what my blog friend's favorite holidays are - mine is CHRISTMAS! Your dogs are so cute. I'm glad that you are able to let go of the past and move on to the present. It's difficult to do, but a very wise choice, indeed.

    Happy November!


  3. Isn't it nice to reflect on your life now and then? It sounds like November is a very special and thankful month for you! Enjoy!!!

  4. Well, I am thankful today that I can read your blog and see your glorious photos!