Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gabriel's finest

I never tire of trying to capture the personality of the puppies on camera.

We officially became the registered owners of them last week...yes, they have always been ours but it is a long story about a dishonest co-owner....all behind us now....
They are all AKC registered and named and we received the papers this weekend...
Wake Up Maggie
Free To Be
Sharp Dressed Man

I celebrate these dogs so much because they were a gift from my FATHER.....these dogs fill our house with energy and joy and pleasure...if we walk along in life following the ONE who knows us best, He gives us gifts that we didn't even know we needed....
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  1. Beautiful dogs! We had one dog that I think could have been registered - a collie, I think. Since then, "lovable mutts" and a lot of cats!